LICORICE BODY LOTION WITH COCONUT INFUSION Emollient, moisturizing lotion for your whole body. Contains natural raw licorice.

LICORICE BODY WASH WITH COCONUT INFUSION Smooth and emollient liquid soap for your whole body. Contains natural raw licorice.

 Volumizing shampoo for optimal hair care. Moisturizing shampoo containing Licorice, antiseptic tea tree and refreshing eucalyptus. Good for sensitive scalps.

 For optimal hair and scalp care. A nurturing, emollient conditioner with Licorice, shea butter, tea tree and peppermint, stimulating the scalp.

LICORICE EUCALYPTUS LIQUID SOAP Moisturizing liquid soap with Licorice and refreshing eucalyptus. Keeps your hands nice and soft.

 Salutary massage oil with Licorice root, shea butter, refreshing rosemary and peppermint. Massage oil for classic massage, intimate massage and bath oil. Tip! To utilize the oil optimally during a bath, cover your body with the oil before entering the bath. You can also add a few spoons straight into the bathwater.

SCENTED CANDLES WITH LICORICE AND PATCHOULI Soothing, handmade, scented candles made from licorice and the sweet-smelling Patchouli flower from India and Indonesia. Fitting for or after a yoga pass, a bubble bath or to wind down with after a stressful day at work. Contains: vegetable wax, essential oils and wick of pure cotton.



LICORICE Can prevent inflammations, has a tendency to hide the bitterness in medicines and has a nice flavour

TEA TREE Famous for its antiseptic and healing properties

PEPPERMINT Refreshing, has antiseptic properties and is soothing on the skin

EUCALYPTUS Refreshing and has antiseptic and healing properties

ROSEMARY Refreshing and invigorating, an accelerator for the brain